Feel your Run & Be in the Present Moment

Why is it so difficult to simply be in the present moment? To be fully aware of what is here right now? Even when we are running, our minds drift away, as we seem so occupied with all kinds of (distracting) thoughts, our planning, our to-do lists, our targets, and our goals. We worry about things that happened, about our children or family members, or about the uncertainties of the future.

Good news: we are not “broken”, and we don’t need to heal. There is a lot we can do ourselves to enjoy more mindful moments in life.

Let’s be a child again!

We can be much more aware of what is, and what happens right here and right now. Kids are very good at this! Have a closer look at them: When they are playing outdoors, they don’t think about things that happened in the past, and they usually don’t seem to worry about the future either. They simply run and play for fun! While we, adults, often seem so easily distracted from any awareness of the present moment.  Let’s be children again!

Think less, feel more!

If we would more frequently shift our focus from (stressful) thoughts to feeling ourselves in the here & now,  this would definitely result in lower stress levels.

Running is a perfect activity to practice this. If we could focus only on the run itself, instead of thinking about other things that come to our minds, it would make our run more enjoyable. And it would recharge our emotional and mental battery. Anyone can learn to run more mindful.

What is Mindfulness? 

Mindfulness is not “something vague”. It is practically training the brain to temporarily stop distracting us with thoughts and worries, in order to be more focused on what happens here, right now.  When we practice mindfulness, we consciously bring our attention to the present moment without any judgment. It is the ability to be fully aware of where we are and what we’re doing and to accept things as they are at that moment. Just like training our muscles or our fitness, it requires regular practice to think less and to sense more.

Mindfulness can be practiced during all kinds of activities and anyone can learn it. We can simply sit still and be in the moment.  But we can also eat, dance, listen to a conversation, swim, run or walk mindfully. Please watch this video:  Mindfully Walking Barefoot

Mindful Run®

We can choose to run with a “Full Mind” or to practice a Mindful Run®.  Mindful Run®  combines mindfulness, breathing techniques, ánd running. If you would like to clear your minds from the daily stress, and if you would love to “play” outdoors just like young children do, then our Mindful Run® Course might be something for you!

During our Mindful Run® courses, we’ll teach you how to become more aware of yourself, what you are doing, and your surroundings during your run by:

  • Shifting the attention away from your thoughts and focus more on your body (posture), running technique, pace, and breathing.
  • Breathing more efficiently. You will learn how to shift to recovery breathing when the running intensity feels tough.
  • Activating all of your senses, and become fully aware of the beauty of the forest that you run in and the weather conditions. You will learn to appreciate running in all kinds of weather, even in the rain!

Mindful Run® will lead to lower stress levels and it will contribute to a healthy lifestyle. It will make your runs more enjoyable, you will clear your head and gain more energy. Please check out the dates of our next Mindful Run Course

Mindful Run => Less Stress, More Energy!

Learn more about Being in the Present Moment

To practice a mindful lifestyle, you might like to learn more about being in the present moment.  This book might be interesting an interesting read: The Presence Process, by Michael Brown

Summary: “The Presence Process is a journey that guides readers into taking responsibility for our emotional integration. It is a way to consciously grow up and become responsible for determining the quality of our personal experience. The book teaches readers how to exercise authentic personal responsibility in a practical manner and reveals the mechanics that shape the way they feel about their lives. It offers a simple, practical approach to accomplishing and maintaining personal peace in the midst of globally accelerating change, discomfort, conflict, and chaos.”

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