GROUP WORKSHOP Mindful Walk, Run & Fun

Our Mindful WALK, RUN & FUN® Group workshop (4-15 people) will take place in Tivoli Park Ljubljana.

Mindful Walk, Run & Fun means we’ll be physically active at a low-intensity level and enjoy ourselves in nature. During this workshop, we’ll alternate walks and easy jogging, with mindfulness games and breathing exercises. We’re not striving for athletic goals, we just want to be active and recharge ourselves!
We’ll teach you how to walk and run at an easy, sustainable pace and to be mindful at the same time.
You will learn to:
🦵🏼 use your senses to feel your run.
👁️ become more aware of your surroundings.
⚡️ move your body energy-efficiently.
🫁 optimize your breath.
🫀 recover your heart rate.
💪🏽 sustain longer runs, and
❤️‍🩹 recover better.
☕️To finish the workshop we’ll have a drink and a post-workout snack at the coffee shop in Tivoli, where we’ll share information and tips on 💚healthy lifestyle & nutrition.

And the results?


For who?

Anyone can participate! No specific fitness level or running experience is required.

  • Dates & Times: to be announced soon
  • Duration: 2 hours of low-intensity physical activities followed by a post-workout coffee/tea with a presentation on Healthy Lifestyle & Nutrition.
  • Location: Tivoli Park – Ljubljana Slovenia
  • Price:  €35 per person. Cash payments are direct to the Instructor at the start of the workshop.
  • Group size:  4 -15 participants
  • Mindful Walk/Run® Instructor: Angelique Pascaud E-MAIL
  • For more info or to sign up, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page  

Alternative options

Please contact me by E-MAIL to discuss any alternative options, such as different dates/times/locations, or a Mindful Walk/Run®  for a PRIVATE GROUP.   Just ask me about the possibilities.  Different rates may apply for customized courses and workshops.

How to register

For more information or to sign up, please fill out the MINDFUL WALK/RUN® FORM below, and please wait for the confirmation pop-up screen.  For unclear technical reasons, the confirmation doesn’t appear sometimes. Apologies for the inconvenience if that’s the case. Please try again or contact me directly by  E-MAIL.  I will get back to you within a working day. Thank you!