NeoLife Products

NeoLife Nutritionals

AcidophilusPlus Nutri Shakes: Chocolate – protein drink
ALL-C Nutri Shakes: Strawberry – protein drink
Aloe Vera Plus Nutri Shakes: Vanilla – protein drink
Betaguard NeoLifeShake: Berries ‘n Cream – weight management
Botanical Balance NeoLifeShake: Chocolate – weight management
Chelated Zinc NeoLifeShake: Creamy Vanilla – weight management
COQ10 Neolife Shaker
Cruciferous Plus Neolife Vitamin box
Flavonoid Complex Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus
Formula IV Pro Vitality+
Formula IV Plus Resp-X
Multi Sport Bio-Tone
Garlic Allium Complex Tre 750ml
Kal-Mag Plus D Tre-En-En
Magnesium Complex Vegan D
Full Motion Vita-Squares
NeoLifeTea Sustained Release Vitamin-C
NeoLifeBar Fruit & Nut Wheat Germ Oil



Nutriance Personal Care

Nutriance Organics is a scientifically formulated, marine botanical-based, organic skincare line. The marine botanicals are complemented by other selected botanical extracts, waters, and oils known for their gentle, protective, and nourishing properties.

The Age-Defying Cell Activating System harnesses the synergistic properties of Nutriance Organic, to diminish signs of premature aging and is designed to match your skin type with specific formulas. In the Nutriance range, you will also find nourishing and wonderful hair and body care products!

*10 Fresh Marine Seaweed extracts
*Pure and Patented Seawater
*15 Essential Oils
*10 Botanical Waters & Botanical Extracts
*Barrier Reinforcing Peptides
*Essential fatty acids
*Protective antioxidants including carotenoids and polyphenols

Nutriance Balancing Tonic – all skin types Nutriance Mild Revitalizing Shampoo – for brittle hair or sensitive scalp
Nutriance Cleansing Milk – for dry-normal skin Nutriance Rich Revitalizing Shampoo
Nutriance Cleansing Gel  – for combination to oily skin Nutriance Enriching Conditioner
Nutriance Hydrating Serum – for combination to oily skin
Nutriance Ultra Hydrating Serum – for dry to normal skin NUTRIANCE BODY
Nutriance Ultra-Moisturizing Cream – for dry to normal skin Nutriance Refreshing Bath & Shower Gel
Nutriance Moisturizing Cream – for combination to oily skin  Nutriance Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion
Nutriance Insta-lift Eye gel – for all skin types Nutriance Aloe Vera Gel

Golden Home Care

Our Neolife’s Golden Home Care products are a  minimum burden to the environment, biodegradable, with no toxic fumes and no harsh chemicals. Powerful multi-purpose cleaners with low-dose, low-impact cleaning technology, which allows you to achieve the best results with minimal product quantity.

Golden Booster Dispensers
Golden Disinfectant LDC Mixing bottle with dispenser
Golden G1 Laundry Detergent
Super  10 Spray bottle
Golden Soft – Fabric Softener
Golden LDC – Light Duty Cleaner 1l, 5l.
Golden Super 10

Due to the nature of NeoLife products, and for the trade to be compliant with the laws and regulations in the country of residence, the product labels, advertisements, sales, and registration process of new clients, members, and distributors may vary per country.

How to Purchase NeoLife Products?

Neolife products are not available in retail stores. Neolife sales exclusively take place through officially registered NeoLife Distributors.  Being a NeoLife Distributor I am here for you for any advice on our products and their usage. You can have your products delivered anywhere in the world. Depending on your country of residence, your products may come from various distribution centers.  Nothing to worry about, I’ll help you out.

    1. Fill out the contact form (you don’t need to select your country of residence from the list if yours is not there).
    2. I will get back to you to discuss your needs and help you place your order at the right distribution center.
    3. Place your order and receive your items with all product information labeled in your country’s language.

Because Neolife’s business model is based on a network structure, your order or registration will be linked with me. As I am based in Slovenia, my NeoLife webshop page is compliant with Slovenian legislation and rules and therefore product information is in the Slovene language.

Wherever you are based in the world, I will be at your service as your NeoLife Distributor! Please CONTACT ME for any help or advice. I can provide you with everything you need in either English or your own language.