Meditation can be a valuable practice for runners, as it has many mental and physical health benefits. Regular meditation has been linked to decreased levels of stress, improved focus, and concentration, increased feelings of relaxation, better sleep, and better performance and recovery. By incorporating meditation into our routines, runners can not only improve their performance but also enhance their overall physical and mental well-being.

Meditation for runners

  • Anapana meditation – to improve focus: This 10-20 minute seated meditation concentrates on the breath and the physical sensations of the air passing through the nose.  Regular practice of Anapana meditation will help runners can stay better focused and more centered during races and training sessions. This can result in a more positive and effective running experience, with less mental and physical strain.
  • Bodyscan meditation – to optimize rest, recovery, and sleep: Regular practice of Bodyscan meditation can be used as a form of active recovery. It will help reduce muscle tension, alleviate pain, and speed up recovery after a hard workout. It relaxes the body and brain.