Mindful Run® Courses & Workshops

Mindful Run® combines mindfulness, breathing techniques, and easy running. The main focus is to free our minds from the daily stress, worries, and to-do lists while being physically active. During Mindful Runs all our senses will be activated to become more aware of ourselves and focus on our bodies, our breathing, and our surroundings. This will result in lower stress levels and more energy!

The Mindful Run® concept was developed by Martijn Mensink, owner of Mindful Run® Netherlands. Since February 2021 MoreFun2Run’s founder, Angelique Pascaud, is a certified Mindful Run® Instructor, and she has offered Mindful Run® Courses and Workshops in Budapest, Hungary. From August 2022 she’ll move her practice to Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Mindful Run® Courses are five weekly sessions of 1.5hrs and the Workshops are single sessions of 1.5hrs (in a group or private).

What is Mindful Running?

Mindfulness basically means paying attention to what happens right here in this present moment, without any judgment about it. Mindful Run® combines mindfulness, running, and breathing.  It can be described as playing outdoors, as young children do. Running for fun! We’ll alternate runs, games, and several physical exercises. We focus on what happens inside our bodies and minds, so we will feel better and more energized afterward.

During our outdoor fun activities, we practice several breathing exercises. Breathing well,  not only supports physical training, but also helps to stay focused, be patient,  have faith, and see things as they are. Controlling our breath will stimulate awareness of our body, mind, and surroundings. Check out this video for an impression of a Mindful Run course day:  >>CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO<<

During Mindful Runs we won’t set specific running goals like personal time records or increasing distance. The purpose of Mindful Running is to LOWER STRESS LEVELS, GAIN MORE ENERGY, AND HAVE FUN OUTDOORS. Our breath will be relaxed and controlled, and our running distance and pace will be at an easy-moderate level.

Mindful Run® Course – 5 sessions

In our 5-sessions Mindful Run® course, you will learn skills and exercises to relieve mental stress while being physically active and having fun outdoors. It will help you to become more resilient, and to maintain a strong body and immune system. We will gather weekly for a 1.5 hours of mindful run training. Afterward, you will receive some “homework”, to put into practice what you’ve learned during the session. Not only during runs but in your daily life.  Every week we will focus on different aspects of running, breathing, and mindfulness.

Example of a course day

  • 09:00 am: Start course, warming-up exercises, fun games
  • 09:10 am: Breathing, Flexibility, and/or Strengthening exercises
  • 09:15 am: Experience different Running Techniques, create body awareness, shift your thoughts, and use your senses.
  • 09:45 am: Run and Recover,  using various Breathing Techniques
  • 10:00 am: Mindfulness & Fun exercises for body and mind
  • 10:15 am: Cooling-down, Stretching, and Body-scan
  • 10:30 am: End of training


As we believe health and safety are most important, we will ensure that all Mindful Run® Course and Workshop participants will keep themselves at a safe distance. To optimize COVID safety, we will only work in responsibly-sized groups (1 – 10 participants) in the outdoor air.

For novice to experienced runners

Mindful Run® is suitable for every level runner. It is set up in such a way that both the advanced and the novice runners will be able to participate. The great thing about the course is that you will not only apply mindfulness and breathing techniques while running, but you will use and benefit from them throughout your everyday life! It will result in having more energy and lower stress levels, even when you are not running.

Mindful Run® Workshop – 1 session

For those of you who aren’t sure yet if you want to commit to a 5-sessions course, a Mindful Run® Workshop of  1.5hrs might be a good one to try. Scroll down for the upcoming group workshops or simply contact me to schedule a 1-on-1 session.

The basic principles of Mindfulness & Mindful Run will be explained. After the warm-up, we’ll perform an easy run,  while we focus on your current running style. You will receive some practical tips on body posture and running techniques for optimizing energy levels to sustain long(er) runs. We’ll do an easy run again, applying the running tips to feel the difference. Several breathing exercises will be practiced before, during, and after running. We’ll alternate running with other physical exercises and fun games that will help us shift focus to the present moment and make us more aware of the surrounding nature. After the cool down and stretching you will realize that in the last 1.5hrs your mind was totally “distracted”  from your daily worries and you’ll feel more relaxed and energized.


Improved breathing, better focus, easier runs, faster recovery, less stress, and more energy. By practicing Mindful Runs, you might even (re)discover the love for running because you’ll feel so much better.

Feel the energy, smile, and enjoy your glowing cheeks from being active in the outdoor air!

Locations Mindful Run®

Mindful Run® is well known throughout the Netherlands and Belgium, where more than 250 certified Mindful Run® Instructors provide the courses. Since February 2022 Mindful Run® has been operating through MoreFun2Run in Budapest, Hungary.

From August 2022 MoreFun2Run will operate in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

All courses and clinics will take place in public parks or forests. After registration, you will receive an e-mail with all further details.

Upcoming Mindful Run® courses and workshops

Mindful Run®  in the Budapest forests is outdoor fun, that will boost your energy levels! The unique combination of Running, Physical Exercise, Mindfulness, and Breathing Techniques is the perfect way to clear your mind, relieve mental stress and gain more energy while being physically active. Due to the variety of exercises, the course is suitable for every level runner. We won’t be non-stop running for 1.5hrs, so from novice to advanced, everyone will be able to join!
  • Learn how to recognize your running style and breathing techniques and how to optimize them.
  • Discover how body and mind work together, and learn how to shift focus to sustain your runs.
  • And most importantly: Experience a positive vibe and gain more energy for the rest of your day!
  • Let’s have MoreFun2Run and join us on a Mindful Run® !!!

Mindful Run® Group Course (5 sessions) – Autumn 2022 Ljubljana Slovenia

  • Dates  & Time: to be announced.
  • Duration: five weekly sessions of 1.5hrs
  • Location: Ljubljana Slovenia
  • Price:  €95 per person for all 5 sessions. Cash payments are direct to the Instructor at the start of the 1st-course day.
  • Mindful Run® Instructor: Angelique Pascaud e-mail: angelique@morefun2run.com
  • Registration will start soon

Mindful Run® Private Session – variable dates & times

  • Date/Time:  contact us to schedule a date & time that suits you! 
  • Duration of one session: 1.5 hr
  • Location: Ljubljana Slovenia
  • Price: €20 per person. Cash payments are direct to the Instructor at the start of the session.
  • Mindful Run® Instructor: Angelique Pascaud e-mail: angelique@morefun2run.com 

Mindful Run®Group Workshop – 1 session 1.5hrs 

  • Date/Time: if you are a group of 4 or more people, contact us to schedule a workshop for you!
  • Duration of one session: 1.5 hrs
  • Location: Ljubljana Slovenia
  • Price: €15 per person. Cash payments are direct to the Instructor at the start of the workshop.
  • Mindful Run® Instructor: Angelique Pascaud e-mail: angelique@morefun2run.com

Alternative options

Please contact me at Angelique@morefun2run.com to discuss alternative options, such as different dates/times/locations, or a Mindful Walk® instead of a Mindful Run®.  Different rates may apply for customized courses and workshops.


How to Register

We are looking forward to meeting you at the next available Mindful Run® course or workshop. Please fill out the registration form below, and please wait until a pop-up message appears, confirming successful registration.  For unclear reasons, the confirmation screen doesn’t appear sometimes. Apologies for the inconvenience if that’s the case. Please try again or contact me directly:  angelique@morefun2run.com.  I will get back to you within a working day. Thank you!

COURSE DATES: to be announced soon
Don't worry about your running background. Mindful Run is for every level runner: novice-advanced!
If you are signing up for a group of people , you may leave their names and contact details here.