Become a MoreFun2Run Guest Blogger!

Do you like to run, and would you like to share your running experiences? Then grab this chance, and write your first running blog post for MoreFun2Run. The invitation is open to all level runners: beginners, intermediates, and even competitive athletes. Because we think every runner has a store to tell! 

Discover the author in you

Blogging might be something, you’d like to do just once or every now and then (which is totally fine!), but maybe you’ll discover that writing is fun and you are great at it! Maybe you’d like to become a professional blogger in the future? 

No blogging experience needed

To get started, you don’t need to be a professional author or blogger, and neither do you need your own website. Just tell us your running story! Open a blank page on your laptop, and start typing about anything that matters to you as a runner! 

How to proceed

Simply send us your first article (approx. 800-1000 words) on a running-related topic, and we will review it. Shortly afterward, we will get back to you with our feedback and the next steps before publishing. 

Photos & Images

All pictures at MoreFun2Run are copyright- and royalty-free, which means that we don’t need to ask for permission or giving credit to the artist/photographer – even if we would use them for commercial purposes. If you wish you wish to add any photos or images to your article, we will review them for safe usage on our website. All imagery must be related to the written content.

Editing & Publishing

To optimize the article for the reader, we might need to edit some parts of the post that you wrote. When both, you and MoreFun2Run, agree on the final article, we will post it on our blogroll and our Social Media pages. Your name (being the author) and a short description of you, will be added to the post.

What to write about?

Our MoreFun2Run audience likes to read about personal running experiences.  Things they can relate to, like the reasons why you, and so many people, love running. But also the struggle or issues you have faced and how you’ve handled them. Think of running issues that you have solved, physical or mental challenges that you have overcome. If it helped you, it might be useful to other runners too!

Content ideas

  • Why do you run? What makes running fun? What are your running goals and how do you plan to reach them?  
  • Did you participate in a running event? Which one and how did you prepare? What were your challenges? 
  • Have you got any practical training tips: running programs, technique, strengthening or flexibility training, runners yoga?
  • Breathwork: How do you breathe before, during, and after your runs?
  • Runners’ food and snack tips.
  • How do you cope with an injury? And how do you prevent recurring injuries?
  • How do you deal with physical runners’ issues (muscles aches, stomach cramps, weather conditions, etc)?
  • How do you beat mental struggles before (or during) a run?
  • Do you have running advice or tips? Can you share knowledge on how to make running easier and even more enjoyable? 


  • Your 800-1000 words blog post must be about running, or running-related.
  • Post must be original and written in English.
  • No advertorials or reviews for products, you have received compensation for.
  • No affiliate links, and no links to online stores.
  • No posts promoting retailers or other for-profit establishments or events.
  • No copyrighted material.
  • Photos and images must be content-related (preferably 860x350px)
  • After a review of content and photos by MoreFun2Run, your post may be featured on our blogroll and our social network pages.
  • MoreFun2Run reserves the right for publication and might edit your content – without altering the meaning – prior to publication.
  • We will mention your name and a short description of you.

Get started now!

You could really write about anything related to running.  We are looking forward to receiving it.  Please fill out the details in the form below, and send us your article and photos. 

If you have any questions or doubts, please don’t hesitate to contact us at an*******@mo*********.com and we will get back to you asap. Share this post with all your running mates on social media is very much appreciated!


*Note: The information entered in the fields below will NOT be displayed publicly, neither will your article be published immediately. It will be sent to MoreFun2Run for a review first. We will get back to you with our feedback and the follow-up procedure within 2 working days.

Tell us a bit more about you: Who are you, why do you run, what's your favorite quote, etc
We will inform you later with further details about, how to send them to us after we've reviewed your content.


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