Running and blisters

For runners, foot blisters can be so frustrating, especially when they occur during a race event. Almost every runner has had at least one run ruined because of a painful

Running is a mind game

Running is a physical test of strength and fitness, but I believe it is a mental challenge too!  Although physically fit enough to finish longer distances, sometimes “negative” and demotivating

Running makes me poop

Training for my first half-marathon race was mentally and physically quite challenging. But the most nerve-racking part of it all was the toilet stress that came with it. During almost

Basic strength exercises for running

To reduce the chances of an injury every runner should regularly include strengthening exercises to their training schedule. For many runners (like myself) it’s not their favourite session of the

Back to running after injury

It can be tricky to safely return to running after injury as it is easy to re-injure yourself again. Every injury is different and every recovery process is very personal,